About Us

About Us

Welcome to Hewn From The Mountain Music Cafe.

I started making dulcimers and small harps in 1985 at a small shop in Vermont. Since then, I went on to learn the fine trade of bowed instrument repair as I worked in shops along the east coast. In 2004, I began to develop a finely crafted, easily tunable harp in my own shop in Goshen, Kentucky where 'The Kentucky Sound' line of folk instruments was born. After many years of incubation, my first public venture has been launched: the 'Hewn from the Mountain Music Cafe'' in Crestwood, Kentucky.

I hope to make my shop not only a place where folks can find products and services of high integrity, but also a relaxing environment where new and interesting experiences can happen. In addition to our 'pickin' and fiddlin' parlor, we will be holding individual and group instrument lessons, and workshops on instrument making and repair. And for those of you who would rather not play, there's even a place where you can have some tea and just listen. The sky's the limit! -Thomas McShane, proprietor

PS - The 'Us' in 'About Us' stands for myself, my wife, Karen, and five of our wonderful nine children who live at our home in Crestwood, Ky.


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