Video Lesson Manuscripts

Attention, Parents, Students, Clients & Customers:

For some time, I have been desiring to offer video manuscripts of my private lessons to my students. These videos will have an incredible impact on the student's overall learning experience, and is something they can keep and refer to permanently. Here's a sample video that one of my clients took with his camera: 

For a $14.75 monthly subscription, you will receive an exclusive membership to be able to view any of the lessons, whether it be a your own guitar lesson, or somebody else's violin lesson.

You may also make a donation using the buttons below [scroll down to bottom of page].  In addition, you may further help by starting your monthly subscriptions today. You will be able to see the first video, and every one thereafter.

I believe if we all pool together, we will soon be able to come up with funding for the necessary equipment to accomplish this.

There are several websites where people with special projects can ask for funding, but I have found that they take a commission on every donation. I am making my request on my own web page, so that you will know that every bit of your offering will be used for what it is intended for.

If I continue to receive funding through subscriptions and donations, we will continue to add on better and faster technology to make more professional videos. 

If you are able to help me in this project, please look at the options below. I am offering incentives through my shop for different levels of giving.  

Your suggestions and ideas will also be welcome at any time. . .

Please SCROLL DOWN  below to make your contribution. You may put multiple items in the basket & receive several vouchers as gifts for friends!
Contact Me with any questions or comments. 

Subscribe  to Video Lessons Here: 


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