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D’Addario ukulele sets are available in a wide variety of gauges for all popular ukulele instrument sizes and tunings. Each set is made from the finest quality nylon, aluminum and silver-plated copper materials ensuring optimal tone and absolutely perfect intonation, set after set.

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D'Addario J65 Ukulele, Soprano
D'Addario J65 strings are designed for use with soprano ukuleles. Each string is made from our cl..
$7.80 $3.99
D'Addario J68 Ukulele, Baritone
D'Addario J68 strings are designed specifically for baritone ukuleles. The 3rd and 4th string are..
$9.45 $4.49
D'Addario J71 Pro-Arte Ukulele, Tenor
The J71 Tenor Ukulele Set is an all-nylon string set inspired and guided by the virtuosity of D'A..
$7.35 $3.99
Violin & Fine Furniture Polish
Introducing our own All-Natural, Non-Toxic Musical Instrument Cleaner & Polish. Made with ver..
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