Shop Scouts

Shop Scouts
  1. Sign up to become a Hewn from the Mountain Shop Scout    [sign up here]

  2. Purchase 'V.I.P. Discount Cards' in packages of 100 at a cost of $7.50 per package.
    You may purchase them at the shop, or online [here].  If 10 coupons are redeemed in a month, you get 100 more for free.

  3. You will receive a personal I.D. Number which you will write on each card.

  4. Distribute the cards to those who seem most likely to shop at Hewn from the Mountain Music Cafe'.

  5. Customer redeems the card, and a copy of the sales receipt is attached to it,.

  6. At the end of the month, the cards are sorted, and compensation is paid or store credit is accrued.

  7. Sign up others, and earn 2.5% of every one of their sales, plus $15 in store credit for each referral! (Referrals)

  8. Affiliates are paid as Independent contractors. You are your own business owner!

You will earn: 5% of every sale in cash, or 10% in store credit,
and an additional 2.5% cash or 5% store credit from each Referral.


Affiliates who sponsor other Affiliates receive compensation from every sale generated by the sponsored Affiliate. It goes like this: Direct sales through Affiliate earns 5% commission, or 10% store credit. Sales through sponsored Affiliates earn the sponsoring Affiliate an additional 2.5% commission, or 5% store credit. There are only two (2) tiers of sponsorship: You, and Your Sponsored Affiliates. Your sponsored Affiliate may also sponsor other Affiliates. The original sponsor cannot earn revenues from Affiliates that are signed up through his/her referrals. Sorry, this is where the MLM stops; there is no pyramid. However, an Affiliate may directly sponsor as many others as desired, and receive 2.5% of all their sales.

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V.I.P.10% Discount Cards
Shop Scouts: order packs of 100 V.I.P.Discount Cards for $7.50 per pack. No limit to number of ..

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