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$5 Donation
Be in the loop: you will be graciously thanked, and notified at every step of the project of our ..
Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter
Product Features High-Quality peg winder with built-in string cutter Ergonomicall..
Pre-School Music Enrichment - Morning Session
Music for Toddlers         Morning Session   Frida..
V.I.P.10% Discount Cards
Shop Scouts: order packs of 100 V.I.P.Discount Cards for $7.50 per pack. No limit to number of ..
Violin & Fine Furniture Polish
Introducing our own All-Natural, Non-Toxic Musical Instrument Cleaner & Polish. Made with ver..
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Violin Bridge with swivel feet - no fitting needed
A special violin bridge that does not need fitting. It is best that a permanent bridge is properl..
$10 donation
Be a Big Fan: Be In The Loop, plus receive a $5 Gift Card or Online Voucher good for all goods &a..
Pre-School Music Enrichment - Afternoon Session
Pre-School Music Enrichment          Afternoon Session   Frid..
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$20 Donation
Be an Honorable Giver:  Be In the Loop, plus, receive a $10 Gift Card or Online Voucher good..
Single 45 Minute Music Lesson
You may pay online for single lessons here. ..
Rental for 22 Stringed Harp
22 stringed Pele harp Rental Renewal Instrument Retail Value:  $850   Renta..
Baroque Style Violin Bridge
New - Professional quality, fancy cut Venitian/Baroque model - patterned after an original 18th c..

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