Renting an instrument is the best solution for anyone who has a desire to play something, but is not settled on which instrument fits the best. It may also be the most feasible & economical way to finally end up with the instrument you love the most. At Hewn from the Mountain, your rental fees count as credit towards the final purchase price!

Our School Band & Orchestra Rental Program
We provide an extensive rental service for school bands and orchestras, plus, carry in stock just about everything you will need to maintain and accessorize your musical endeavor. Our shop is affiliated with one of the top brass and woodwind suppliers in the country which carry only top name brand products.  [CLICK HERE TO START]

Yes, We Rent Guitars, Violins, Mandolins and Dulcimers

We have fiddles, mandolins, dulcimers, harps, guitars, ukeleles, drums . . . all which you can take home with you on a 'borrow'. Most everything on our showroom or stock shelves can be leased in our rental program. . . . And if we don't happen to have one in stock, we will find it for you, bring it to the shop, and rent it to you. We'll do all the running (or clicking) around for you. You don't have to wonder anymore if you're going to get something cheaply made. Leave the shopping to the experts. Plus we stand behind everything that comes through our store.  [CLICK HERE FOR PRICING]


Do You Want to Make Someone Happy, and Get Paid for It?
What about that old violin you have in the attic? The best way to preserve an instrument after it has been restored, is to play it often. So, what's the point of fixing it, if there's nobody who's going to play it? [Please read my article called: “What is It Really Worth?”] Have somebody else play it for you! We will find a suitor for that fine vintage family heirloom of yours, and you can keep it in the family! We will lease it to an aspiring musician, and you'll get part of the proceeds. Contact us for more information.

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Rental for 22 Stringed Harp
22 stringed Pele harp Rental Renewal Instrument Retail Value:  $850   Renta..

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