Door Harps

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You don't have to be a pro musician to play one of these; all you need is a door! When the door is opened or shut, the little swinging ball hammers play a chime. Individual strings are tunable by sliding the string saddles in either direction creating the sound that fits your mood.

Each door harp is individually crafted, and each has it's own unique shape and sound. Because they are carefully hand-crafted, there are no two that are exactly alike. Each harp is signed and dated.

These are real musical instruments made by a luthier, and wouldn't you know, you don't even have to be a minstrel to play one!

Take a moment to browse through our gallery of photos. If you're not sure what you like, just come in to the shop to see our variety.

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Art Deco Door Harp
Beautifully Handpainted. These are slightly higher priced because of the art applied. You..

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