Art Deco Door Harp

Art Deco Door Harp
Brand: The Kentucky Sound
Product Code: DRHRP_J8
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Price: $38.00
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Beautifully Handpainted. These are slightly higher priced because of the art applied.

You don't have to be a pro musician to play one of these; all you need is a door! When the door is opened or shut, the little swinging ball hammers play a chime. Individual strings are tunable by sliding the string saddles in either direction creating the sound that fits your mood.

Each door harp is individually crafted , and each has it's own unique shape and sound. Because they are carefully hand-crafted, there are no two that are exactly alike. Each harp is signed and dated.

These are real musical instruments made by a luthier, and wouldn't you know, you don't even have to be a minstrel to play one!

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